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Advantages of importing from Santa Catarina

The state of Santa Catarina has as a strong foundation of its economy the activities related to foreign trade. Our ports and airports are increasingly modernized and designed to receive goods that come from all corners of the world, in volumes that each year reach extraordinary goals.

Due to its strategic position, geographical advantages regarding to ports and airports as well as the international trade economic profile, Santa Catarina is included in the main shipping routes of sea and air cargo agents worldwide.

The Port of Itajaí, Navegantes, and São Francisco do Sul have sought to follow the modifications imposed by the international market and are among the largest ports in the country.

In order to generate investment in the State of Santa Catarina, Focus International Trading is empowered to operate through Tax Benefit provided by the State Tax Administration Directorate, and, by using our services, your company will have at its dispposal some of these tax benefits, significantly reducing costs of its import operation.

Your company can choose between the plain import operation services, or any negotiation that goes from the potential suppliers in other countries by placing the goods at the company's establishment, with agility, security and lowest possible cost, all of which performed by professionals and partners of extreme competence.

Complementally, we are also ready to identify the best opportunities for the export of your products. We insert your company in the international market!

Vantagens em importar por SC
Vantagens em importar por SC
Vantagens em importar por SC

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