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Focus International Trading offers its clients all the necessary support to assure that their import/export operations are always in compliance with all existing rules in international trade, and with the greatest possible agility.

Our expertise is the international trade business advising, from the beginning to the completion of each import or export operation. We can conduct any business on behalf of your company or on our behalf and responsibility, so that we can act as "the “outsourced Foreign Trade department” of your company.

On import operations, we care for you or your business, from overseas market research until the product delivery to your address. We operate in the following modalities: Import by Order and for Account of a Third Party and Import for Own Account and Liability by Order of a Third Party.

On export operations, we provide and monitor all services, from overseas market research to the delivery of the product to the customer and complete payment.

Among our main activities, we have developed:

  • Customs Clearance Primary and Secondary Zones
  • Tax Classification of Goods (NCM)
  • Planning for cost reduction in import
  • Pre-Costs Development
  • Arrival of Goods Follow Up
  • Document Analysis
  • Preparation of the Import Declaration (DI)
  • Development of Simplified Import Declaration (DSI)
  • International Air, Sea and Road Freight
  • National Freight
  • Removing DTA (when necessary)
  • Request of Ex-Tarifário to the appropriate authorities
  • Temporary Admission
  • Bonded
  • Drawback
  • Money Exchange
  • Import of cars, ships and aircraft: Of efficiently and safely, our company handles the import that is all done already in the customer's name and it is secured end to end. With us, you have access to the most exclusive cars with the best prices in the market, saving between 20% to 40% in the final value.

In addition to that, we provide full assistance to individuals and foreign companies to achieve the best business in the entire Brazilian territory.

If your business is the sale of foreign products in Brazil, we seek buyers and perform all services related to import. In the case of interest in buying products in Brazil, we seek the best suppliers, accompany (with interpreter if necessary) our clients in their visits with prospect suppliers, mediate the negotiation and payment, and perform all export services.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Rua Samuel Heusi, 190 - Sala 605 - Ed. Itajahy Trade Center - Centro

Itajaí, SC - CEP 88301-320 - Tel: +55 (47) 3045-7175